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Beyond Wealth, Towards Legacy

Our Vision and Expertise in Investments

Necosage, a synergistic extension of Alliance Investments Management, stands for excellence in investment services. Our vision is to empower investments with strategic insights and expert guidance, creating lasting impact in the financial world.


Our diverse portfolio at Necosage showcases a wide range of industries, from technology to healthcare. Each investment reflects our commitment to unified success through strategic growth and innovation.

Eyes of Hope

Eyes of Hope offers comprehensive home health care services, including skilled nursing and various therapies, committed to enhancing patients’ quality of life.


UrbanRed in an Amazon store that offers a variety of consumer products, including home goods, emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction.

Elite Dental Products

Elite Dental Products provides high-quality dental supplies at cost-effective prices, focusing on product quality and customer service.


Fregetables specializes in providing fresh, high-quality produce across the USA and Canada. They focus on quality control, timely delivery, and maintain strong relationships with growers.


BidetsPlus offers a range of eco-friendly bidet seats with innovative features for enhanced bathroom experiences, catering to various preferences and budgets.


BizMaids, a professional cleaning company in Raleigh, NC, offers commercial cleaning with eco-friendly practices and a commitment to customer satisfaction.


Investment Strategies: Tailored for Growth and Sustainability

Our investment strategies at Necosage are carefully crafted, focusing on sustainable growth, comprehensive risk management, and adaptability to global market trends, ensuring robust financial solutions for our clients.

Dynamic Market Analysis

Our strategy is anchored in dynamic market analysis, enabling us to anticipate trends and capitalize on market movements for optimal investment performance.

Diversified Portfolio Management

We focus on diversified portfolio management, balancing investments across various sectors to mitigate risks and enhance growth potential.

Sustainable Investment Approaches

Our commitment to sustainability guides our investment choices, ensuring long-term value creation with a positive impact.

Client-Centric Investment Planning

Our investment planning is client-centric, tailored to meet individual financial goals and risk preferences.

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